Our Somewhat Eccentric Household

My kids are forever shaking their heads and grinning, saying “I love living here!” ’cause between the hubs and me, you just never know what to expect next.

Recently I got it in my head to pull up some of the landscape blocks from the front yard and put them around the fruit trees we’ve planted in the back yard. I’ve been thinking that if I build raised flower beds around them and then wrap wire fencing around those (to keep our two pygmy goats out) it will look nicer than just having wire around the trees. And I hate the way the front yard is done with all the concrete blocks, I’ve been wanting an excuse for a long time to pull them up and make it look more natural.

So anyway, I dug out the wheelbarrow and loaded it up with blocks, then I realized that neither of the back gates is accessible. One is buried under blackberry vines and the other isn’t very sturdy and is braced with all sorts of “quick fix” stuff to keep it upright and closed — whatever is handy when someone notices it’s sagging again. Firewood, random pieces of rope and baling wire, an old laminate countertop, a trash barrel, etc. (Sheesh, makes us sound kind of redneck, huh!) And not only did I not like the idea of moving all that stuff, I wasn’t sure how I’d keep the goats in the yard once I did.

So the obvious solution was just to wheel the things THROUGH the house. It was the shortest route, too. So off I went.

On about the 3rd load, Rusty came wandering out of his room just as I was lunging to pull the wheelbarrow up over the step at the front door. The blocks weighed more than I did, so it took a couple of tries each time.

Rusty didn’t even blink, just said “Need some help, Mom?” and proceeded to walk over and lift it over the hump for me. Then he helped me get it around the corner in the hallway, before getting himself a drink from the kitchen and heading back to his room. He never gave any indication that he noticed that what I was doing was in any way unusual or out of the ordinary.

I’m pretty sure my kids are the only kids in the WORLD who would help their mom wheel a load of muddy concrete blocks into the house without batting an eyelash!

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