A Toasty What?

My husband Jeff works in mental health. Long before I had any idea I was going to leave the tech industry, let alone wind up being a psych nurse, he related a story to me one evening about a psychotic client he had seen that day.

“So, how did you end up in the hospital?” he asked her. She replied, “I swallowed a toasty frog, and it popped out way too high.”

For some reason, the phrase caught my fancy. So I did what any good geek does in similar circumstances — I registered the domain name.

I think it’s curiously appropriate that, after naming my website for a psychotic utterance, I ended up where I am today, working with psych patients on a daily basis. Although I no longer buy domain names in their honor, they never fail to charm and intrigue me with their unique insights and utterances.

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