I’m Baaaack!

Now that I’m finally finished with school (honest, for real this time!) I’m hoping to be a little better about keeping my blog up. I’m playing with layouts and such right now, so things may be a little unsteady for a while.

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4 Responses to I’m Baaaack!

  1. Peggikaye says:

    Looking forward to new posts 🙂

  2. Mark says:

    It’s about danged time you posted some new writing ~ it’s hard to fully appreciate your wit and wisdom in 140 character bites! Looking forward to seeing the occaisional story here!

  3. D says:

    How many hens will this house? And what was the cost to build this?

  4. Geek2Nurse says:

    Maximum of six, but four would probably be better. If I remember right, it ended up costing around $400-500 with the run and everything.

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