Post-Election Thoughts

The time for choosing sides for or against a candidate is past. Now it’s time to unite as Americans and move forward. I’ve had enough of the badmouthing and doubt-casting and the “just wait, you’ll see!” doom and gloom negativity.

What’s done is done.

There is no longer a choice of candidates before us – what’s before us now is a choice between sitting on our butts complaining to whoever will listen because our guy didn’t get elected and we don’t think the new guy is going to be any good, or rolling up our sleeves and finding a way to make America great again. I know what I choose. I’m not going to sit around waiting for a rude awakening — for me or anybody else. I’m not going to scrutinize the man’s every move for fault-finding opportunities. I’m certainly not going to hope something bad happens so I can say, “I told you so!”

I’m going to put my trust and faith in President Obama. I’m going to pray for him to make the right decisions as he moves forward. Since I firmly believe that every thought we think is a prayer, I’m also going to think positive thoughts toward him as he takes office and starts working for our country.

The United States of America wasn’t founded by complainers and fault-finders. It also wasn’t founded by perfect people who always did everything right and never made any mistakes. It was founded by doers, and by people who were willing to take what they had to work with, and do the best they could. And that’s the kind of American I want to be.

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