My Warmfuzzy for Today

I just found this in my school e-mail inbox, from the student body president:

Briefly in other news, I’d like to announce the November student of the Month. Congratulations to Ruth R! Ruth is graduating in a few days and we’re glad we could recognize her before she leaves us.

Here are a couple of the nominations:

“She has been an integral part of improving academic mindset around school. She is one of the most openly opinionated yet objective people that I have met and she is more than willing to stand up for what she believes even if it contradicts that which I believe. I appreciate a person of such character and endorse her for student of the month of November.”

“The amount of work she put in to changing the writing center is really appreciated. She is a phenomenal editor. She has always endeavored to make a healthier learning atmosphere. She was always prompt on emailing people back and is a great resource for anyone who asked for help. She is also very loyal friend.”

We’ll miss you Ruth! Congratulations on graduation and don’t forget to stop sometime this week and pick up your movie tickets.

Wow. What a great birthday / graduation present!

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