SplashPress Media / GeeksBlog Plagiarism

Well, I gave them a chance. They have completely ignored me. So here I am once more, asking for your help to spread the word about plagiarism. This post on their GeeksBlog website is using one of my dad’s copyrighted images, without the courtesy of giving him credit or even so much as a linkback to his website. (You can see it with the poem it was created for by clicking here.)

I e-mailed SplashPress Media (which claims the copyright to the GeeksBlog site and its contents) them over a week ago to let them know that the image was not public domain and ask them for proper credit, and they have ignored me. So tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends, and let’s let the world know that SplashPress Media / GeeksBlog steals graphics from their rightful owners and uses them without permission, credit, or compensation.

If a company can’t act professionally and with integrity in such small and simple ways, do you suppose they can be trusted in any sort of business dealing?

Update – September 21, 2007: The plagiarized image has been removed from the GeeksBlog site, and an apology received from SplashPress (see comments below).

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