Plagiarism Saga Concluded

Amidst much continued protesting of “we didn’t know” and “it didn’t say it was copyrighted” and “everybody else does it,” (not to mention the references to how “rude” my friends and I were for complaining — stealing people’s work is what’s rude!) and “we don’t make any profit” when there are ads all over the website that somebody’s getting paid for, etc., the plagiarism perpetrator has, at least, apologized to my dad and sent the following to her mailing list subscribers:

We have received a complaint from the family of Wayne Edwards that we inadvertently used one of his copyrighted pictures for one of our pages. This was quite a while back.

We have written to him to apologise as we had no knowledge this picture was his as it was freely available at the time with no copyright on it.

We have had one or two rude e-mails regarding the above. Among the comments made was that we are making monetary gain out of other peoples artwork. As our subscribers know we do ask or receive any money and have never done so.

We can appreciate Mr Edwards anger that we have used a piece of his artwork and have assured him that as we do not have this on our files now it will not be used again.

I’m calling it good enough, even though she didn’t include his link, which was one of my requests, to at least repay him a bit for using his work.

It’s nice to have so many great friends to help me defend my family. Thank you for your help!

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