Help Me Fight Plagiarism

Help Me Fight Plagarism

This Sandi V. woman runs a for-profit humor website called “,” and a Yahoo! mailing list called “Thingos.” On her site, she has a six-paragraph page about copyright infringement, with numerous links to the US Copyright code. Yet this image, which she claims ownership of, contains an original cartoon that my dad created, which was taken from his website (

I have tried contacting her to resolve this nicely, but she has ignored my messages, and that makes me mad. She’s messing with MY DAD, by golly, and I don’t like that. Besides, thieves should not go unpunished.

Please help me plaster this image all over the Internet, so people paying for her service will know what kind of person they’re supporting. Link to it, blog it, send it to your friends, upload it to your Flickr page, anything you can think of! Help me show her that claiming other people’s work isn’t worth it!

And then go visit my dad’s site, 🙂

Thank you!

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