Why I’ve Abandoned MySpace

Originally posted on my now-defunct MySpace site

My daughter has pointed out that I have a severe MySpace deficiency. I willingly concur. I’m sorry. I got tired of waiting!

I have ADD. I don’t watch TV, for example. I listen to it while I’m doing other things. If there’s not enough dialogue in a show to let me know what’s going on, I miss out, because I can’t seem to remember to keep looking at the screen, what with everything else that’s going on!

So it should come as no surprise that I’m simply not capable of just sitting patiently while a Web page takes five minutes to load. I’ve got to be doing something. Generally I’ll open a new browser tab while MySpace ponders slowly whether it will actually show me what I wanted to see, or just say “sorry, MySpace is busy.” And once there’s a new tab open, there’s a really good chance I’ll forget to go back and look anyway.

Besides, all the blinky flashy whirly things they stick everywhere make my brain sizzle. I’ve got nursing school for that; I definitely don’t need it in my off-time!

So I haven’t been around much, and I hereby extend my sincere apologies to my friends who haven’t known where else to find me. I’ll fix that now!

For up-to-the-minute information on what’s going on around me, check out my Flickr photos. Jeff bought me a tiny little digital camera for Christmas last year, and it fits easily in my back pocket. So I nearly always have it with me now, and not having to pay for film and developing means I can take photos of whatever catches my fancy, and just by looking at the resulting photos you can figure out a lot about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, not to mention what kinds of things currently interest me.

I also have a blog (http://www.toastyfrog.net) where I post occasionally when I’m feeling particularly epiphanic (an adjective my friend Mark invented that I think deserves more widespread use) and photographs aren’t enough to communicate my feelings.

So don’t look here for what’s up with me — all you will find are a few traces left behind once in a while when there’s a synchronistic convergence of events. It’s not all that simple, you see. First I have to think about checking in, and manage to hold that thought long enough to actually open a browser window. Then MySpace has to actually appear in that window before I get bored and wander off. It just doesn’t happen very often!

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