A Simple Smile

For those of you who don’t read Kelly Jo’s blog, the movie A Simple Smile, in which she plays me, is in post production. There are some clips online at http://www.itchymovie.com/asimplesmile.html. (The music is just for fill-in until the real music is ready, which is why it’s the same in all the clips. )

I even got to be in one scene when I showed up at the set after work one morning thinking I’d watch them film for an hour or two before I went home and crashed (for those who don’t know, I go to nursing school full time during the week, and work 2 12-hour night shifts on the weekends). Thierry told me he was so glad I had come, because he wanted me to play a nurse in one scene. Ack!

I was still in my scrubs from work, so costume wasn’t a problem, but when I hurried into the bathroom to see how I looked, sure enough, the face in the mirror looked just exactly like someone who’d worked their second 12-hour night shift in a row!

Thankfully, Kelly Jo came to my rescue — she pulled out her trusty makeup kit and powdered over my dark circles and then brushed on a hint of a tan. When I ducked back into the bathroom to see her handiwork, I looked MUCH better (like I’d only worked maybe 6 or 8 hours!).

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