Have You Hugged Your Rabbit Today?

Researchers at the Ohio State University School of Medicine were studying atherosclerosis, observing the effects of a high-cholesterol, high-fat diet on the arteries of rabbits. At the conclusion of the test period, they discovered that one group of rabbits had 60% less blockage in their arteries than the rest, although all had been on the exact same diet. An investigation was launched to determine what factors might have influenced the outcome so drastically. What they discovered was that the person who was responsible for the care and feeding of that particular group of rabbits spent time holding, stroking and talking to each of them every day.

Several more controlled studies followed, in which all of the rabbits received the same diet, but one group of rabbits was held and petted each day, while the rest remained in their cages. Each time, the rabbits who received the extra attention showed 60% less physical damage from their unhealthy diet than the rest of the rabbits. Touching and talking turned out to be a crucial factor in reducing the development of atherosclerosis in rabbits.

So if you have rabbits, be sure to pet them and stroke them and talk to them every day. Especially if you feed them a high-fat diet!

Seriously… touch is powerful. Caring and being cared for are essential to life and health. Now you have one more good reason to reach out and touch someone today.

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