Random Babblings About Vacations and Modal Sheets

Wow. Vacations are hard work! I was up to my eyeballs in textbooks and assignments for such a long time, and although I was enjoying it greatly, I was also secretly looking forward to SIX weeks (!) of vacation between terms. There were a lot of promises made to myself (and others!) that I’d catch up on non-school-related things that needed doing during this time. Six weeks — that’s nearly forever, in vacation time! Or so I thought. Actually it’s beginning to look like the amount of Real Life I’ve been saving up may have exceeded the amount of vacation I have to deal with it in by quite a large margin.

I find that I’ve grown unaccustomed to unscheduled time. I don’t deal with it very well, I’m afraid. Since there’s no schedule telling me I have to get up and be somewhere, I have no defense against the lure of my modal sheets. Willpower completely fails me. I end up luxuriating in that just-woke-up feeling of perfect temperature, total relaxation, ultimate comfort, and most of all the incredible yummy softness of these heavenly sheets, for “just another minute or two” until I discover that it’s not even morning any more. Sometimes Rusty even gets up before I do!

What’s that? You don’t know what modal sheets are? Ohmygoodness. This is something you should definitely experience. The Jersey ones are the best. Imagine the softness of a cotton t-shirt so old and worn that it’s become practically transparent. Now multiply that by about fifty. That’s what modal sheets feel like. These sheets are so incredible that a few years ago when I gave them to all of my kids for Christmas, they were HAPPY. Teenagers. Receiving linens for Christmas, and LIKING them. Think about it. And GO! Go now and get yourself some! You’ll be glad you listened to me.

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