Family Videos

Thanksgiving videos – playing with the camcorder Jeff bought us for our anniversary. My son-in-law Perin shot this first one. Risa and I were wearing uncannily identical outfits:

In this next one I was using the camera for the first time, and playing with the zoom:

More zooming — a flock of geese landed on the pond in back. Of course I didn’t get the camera on fast enough to catch them flying in…

Jeff shot this one, and finally caught Perin’s famous backflip on film:

Perin carves the turkey while Risa and I finish up the last of the meal preparations:

Here we are getting ready to eat:

And last but not least… If you sit in the hot tub in cold weather, you literally steam when you get out. Perin demonstrates this phenomenon while I (without benefit of having been IN the hot water yet) stand barefoot on the lawn in my swimsuit in the 30-something-degree cold, trying not to shiver and wiggle the camera!

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